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Nektar is a Argentine beverage company that seeks to establish a presence in the Indian market. Recently, they launched their energy drink in ten cities in India. Their marketing team is responsible for increasing brand awareness, market share, and product development. They conducted a survey in these ten cities and received responses from 10,000 participants. 

As a marketing Data Analyst, your task is to convert these survey results into meaningful insights that the team can use to drive action.

Analyze the data provided in the “Provided_Insights.pdf” file to answer the following questions: 

1. What are the key insights from the survey data? 

2. What additional research questions could be answered using this data? 

3. What recommendations would you make to the Chief Marketing Officer based on your analysis?

● Use any tool of your choice (Python, SQL, Power BI, Tableau, Excel, PowerPoint).
● The target audience is the Chief Marketing Officer, and you have 15 minutes to
present your insights.
● Be creative with your presentation. Audio/video presentations will be given more weight.
● You may use additional data from your own research to support your recommendations.
● Be aware that some respondents may not have answered all of the questions sincerely. For example, someone who has not heard of the drink is more likely to say they have not tasted it. Use your judgment to clean the data as needed. Tips for a concise and informative presentation:

● Focus on the most important insights and recommendations.
● Use clear and concise language.
● Avoid using jargon or technical terms that your audience may not understand.
● Use visuals (charts, graphs, images, etc.) to illustrate your points.
● Practice your presentation beforehand so that you can deliver it confidently within
the 15-minute time limit.

Fact Survey Responses CSV

DM Respondant CSV

DM Cities CSV

Provided Insight PDF

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