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Data Analytics

Welcome to the world of data analytics, where insights are unlocked, patterns are discovered, and decisions are empowered by data-driven intelligence. Our data analytics courses are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the vast landscape of data and extract meaningful insights that drive business success.

Module 1: Introduction to Data Analytics

  • Overview of Data Analytics
    • Importance and Applications
    • Data Analytics Process
  • Tools and Technologies
    • Setting Up Development Environment
    • Version Control with Git and GitHub

Module 2: Advanced Python for Data Analysis

  • Python Basics Refresher
    • Basic Syntax and Data Types
    • Control Structures (if, for, while)
    • Functions and Modules
  • Data Handling with Python
    • NumPy for Numerical Computations
    • Pandas for Data Manipulation
    • Matplotlib and Seaborn for Data Visualization
  • Advanced Python Techniques
    • Working with APIs
    • Data Cleaning and Preparation
    • Lambda Functions and List Comprehensions

Module 3: SQL for Data Analytics

  • Introduction to SQL
    • Basic Queries (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE)
    • Joins, Subqueries, and Aggregations
  • Advanced SQL
    • Window Functions
    • Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
    • Performance Optimization
  • SQL in Practice
    • Database Design and Normalization
    • Writing Complex Queries
    • Integrating SQL with Python (using libraries like SQLAlchemy)

Module 4: Statistics for Data Analytics

  • Descriptive Statistics
    • Measures of Central Tendency (Mean, Median, Mode)
    • Measures of Dispersion (Variance, Standard Deviation)
    • Data Distribution (Histograms, Boxplots)
  • Inferential Statistics
    • Probability Distributions (Normal, Binomial)
    • Hypothesis Testing (t-tests, chi-square tests)
    • Confidence Intervals
  • Regression Analysis
    • Linear Regression
    • Multiple Regression
    • Logistic Regression

Module 5: Excel for Data Analysis

  • Excel Basics
    • Data Entry and Formatting
    • Formulas and Functions
  • Advanced Excel
    • Pivot Tables and Charts
    • Data Analysis Toolpak
    • VBA Macros for Automation
  • Excel in Practice
    • Advanced Formulas (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH)
    • Data Cleaning and Preparation
    • Building Interactive Dashboards

Module 6: Power BI for Data Visualization

  • Introduction to Power BI
    • Setting Up Power BI
    • Connecting to Data Sources
  • Building Reports and Dashboards
    • Creating Visualizations
    • DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) Basics
  • Advanced Power BI
    • Advanced DAX Functions
    • Power BI Service for Collaboration
    • Custom Visuals and Integrations
  • Power BI in Practice
    • Data Modeling
    • Creating Interactive Reports
    • Publishing and Sharing Dashboards

Module 7: Integrative Project

  • Project Planning
    • Defining Requirements and Scope
    • Data Collection and Preparation
  • Implementation
    • Data Analysis and Visualization
    • Generating Insights and Reporting
  • Presentation
    • Creating a Comprehensive Report
    • Presenting Findings to Stakeholders