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Advanced Excel

Advanced Excel skills are in high demand in many industries, including business, finance, and healthcare. If you are looking to improve your Excel skills, there are many resources available online and in libraries. You can also take courses or workshops offered by professional organizations.

Advanced Excel is a set of features and functions that go beyond the basics of creating spreadsheets and performing calculations. It includes features for data analysis, visualization, and automation.


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What you will learn?

  • Excel Interface
  • Data analysis
  • Formulas in Excel
  • Excel Worksheet

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to the excel interface
  • Customizing the excel quick access toolbar
  • More on the excel interface
  • Understanding the structure of an excel workbook
  • Saving an excel document
  • Opening an existing excel document
  • Common excel shortcut keys
  • Working with numeric data in excel
  • Entering date values in excel
  • Working with cell references
  • Creating basic formulas in excel
  • Relative vs absolute cell references in formulas
  • Understanding the order of operation
  • The structure of an excel function
  • Working with the SUM() function
  • Working with the MIN() and MAX() functions
  • Working with the AVERAGE() function
  • Working with the COUNT() function
  • Adjacent cells error in excel calculations
  • Using the AutoSum command
  • Excel’s AutoSum shortcut key
  • Using the AutoFill command to copy formulas
  • Moving and copying data in an excel worksheet
  • Inserting and deleting rows and columns
  • Changing the width and height of cells
  • Hiding and unhiding excel rows and columns
  • Renaming an excel worksheet
  • Deleting an excel worksheet
  • Moving and copying an excel worksheet
  • Working with font formatting commands
  • Changing the background color of a Cell
  • Adding borders to cells
  • Excel cell borders continued
  • Formatting data as currency values
  • Formatting percentages
  • Using excel’s format painter
  • Creating styles to format data
  • Merging and centering cells
  • Using conditional formatting
  • Editing excel conditional formatting